Why smart moves?

Our preschool chess curriculum was designed with preschoolers in mind.


At Smart Moves we are trained educators, former youth chess players, and parents. We understand how to teach a complex topic like chess in a fun, engaging way and how to use chess as a vehicle to teach young students about other STEM topics and life skills. We've applied that knowledge and experience to create an awesome kid-focused curriculum.


Many preschool enrichment programs focus on either mental or physical development. Smart Moves does both. Our 70+ activities use a variety of engaging methods and teaching tools. Our curriculum is chess for preschoolers and so much more. Students also learn skills like basic mathematical principles, critical thinking, empathy, and sportsmanship.


Smart Moves is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current curriculum. It can be taught by any educator and adapted to fit any schedule. On nice days, active lessons can be taught outside - on rainy days, pick some calmer indoor activities!

Smart Moves Chess was founded out of a love for chess – both playing it and sharing it!

Our Vision: Give children the benefits of chess, earlier.

In 2013, Smart Moves began as an on-site preschool chess program with an innovative curriculum that combined physical activity and chess. At the time, it was one of, if not the only, program of its kind in the U.S.

Our preschool chess curriculum has grown considerably since its early days, but based on our own experiences teaching it, we’ve developed a version that can be taught by anyone with a background in early education.

If your organization enrolls children ages 3-6, Smart Moves Chess is a great way to engage your students, give further momentum to their academic and social development, and help your school stand out.

SPECIAL OFFER: Choose a two year license and get $350 worth of free equipment.


What parents and administrators are saying about Smart Moves

My son is really enjoying Smart Moves. He looks forward to Mondays and is anxious to tell us all about it.

Center Owner

Smart Moves is a great program! … They really care about the children and put in a lot of effort to make sure the kids are having fun. We love Smart Moves.


I appreciate the program more than you know. I’m proud my child is able to teach me about the different playing pieces so I know he is learning.

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