Time Required:

2-5 minutes

Tools Required:

  • Big chess board

Chess Objective(s):

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how each chess piece moves

General Objective(s):

  • Improve memory recall
  • Enhance listening skills


Ask each child what piece he/she wants to be. Arrange them on the board in the proper starting location, and ask them if they remember the way the piece moves. Then call “Pawn move!” or “Knight move!” The children move the way the piece should move (doesn’t matter if they are totally correct, just general idea). Wrap up by “capturing” one of the children and making the other children chase you around to protect the captured piece.

Description for Parents:

The children got to pick which piece they wanted to be, and the coach arranged them in the proper starting position on the board. Then the coach called out piece names, and when a child’s piece was called, they had to move the way that piece is allowed to move.