Time Required:

10 minutes

Tools Required:

  • Big chess board
  • 4 giant rooks
  • 4 giant bishops
  • Small chessboard

Chess Objective(s):

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how the rook and bishop moves

General Objective(s):

  • Identify patterns
  • Recognize straight and diagonal lines
  • Exercise
  • Description:

See the image for setup. The big square is the giant board. The small square is a regular chessboard. Feel free to vary the setup, as long as movements retain bishop & rook movements.

Ask the students how the rooks move (straight line). Ask the students how the bishops move (diagonal).

Tell them we’re going to play follow the leader running the “rook” and “bishop” bases. When we run from a rook, we run in a straight line, when we run from a bishop, we run in a diagonal.

Coach should be the leader, ask children to make a line. Lead the run, with the children behind you running. Touch each piece as you pass it, shouting the name. Run the bases a few times.

After a few times, you can ask the children to try being leader.
Bishop Rook Run the Bases diagram

Variation 1:

Make the children move sideways or backwards on the rook movements.

Variation 2:

Instead of follow the leader, have the children run it one at a time and coach them through it the first time. Second time, see if they can remember the pattern.

Description for Parents:

We had a chance to move ourselves like the bishops and the rooks. We set up the giant rooks and bishops in a circuit around the field and ran from piece to piece using the correct movements – a straight line from a rook, and a diagonal line from a bishop.