Time Required:

10 minutes

Tools Required:
  • Big chess board
  • 1 of each giant piece
      Chess Objective(s):

      Students will be able to:

      • Identify each piece by name
      General Objective(s):
      • Improve coordination
      • Demonstrate teamwork
      • Improve listening skills

      Remove anything that is holding the giant board to the ground (tape or tent pegs). Have children stand in a circle around the board and lift it like a parachute. Ask them to keep it high, and place 1 of each giant chess piece in the middle.

      Ask children to:

      • Swoosh! – quickly bring board down to the ground, so pieces are covered. (Children may squat.)
      • Explain to children that you are going to take turns getting the pieces. When you say “Lift!”, everyone raises board into the air.
      • Call a child’s name and piece name, like “Rachel, king!” Demo this the first time for them, getting the piece out yourself
      • Child should run under the lifted board, grab the right piece, and carry it out of the circle, then grab onto the board again
      • Then say “Lower!”, everyone quickly brings board back down
      • Repeat till all pieces are removed.
      Variation 1:

      Repeat the game, but now have the children put the pieces back under the board.

      Other Variations:

      Have fun!

      • Raise and lower it quickly or slowly, varying what you do
      • Make waves
      • Circle one way, then the other, you can call “change direction!” at random times
      • Place a ball or bean bag in the middle and bounce it around (nothing too hard). With the ball, try to roll it to specific players.
      • Give each child one of the 6 piece names. When you call the name, those children switch places under the board.
      Description for Parents

      We used the chessboard like a parachute in this game! We placed giant pieces under the board and then lifted the board up and down. The coach called out a child’s name and asked them to run under and retrieve a specific piece. We also had fun making waves and bouncing balls on the board.