Time Required:

5 minutes

Tools Required:
  • Big chess board
  • Any black/white pair of giant pieces
      Chess Objective(s):

      Students will be able to:

      • Recall how different pieces move
      General Objective(s):
      • Enhance coordination
      • Improve memory and focus

      The children take turns in this game. The coach should have a white piece and the first child should have a black piece. Tell the children how a piece can correctly move (Ex: bishop can move diagonally as far you want (and it can) for 1 move). Move the piece correctly on the board, then ask the child to repeat your move exactly. If they do it incorrectly, show them the correct way. The student should hand the piece to the next child. Repeat moving the piece a correct way and having the student repeat until all the children have a turn. After the first turn, you can try speeding up as you go, to see how fast they can follow you, or using silly movements, such as waddling or tiptoeing.


      After 2 turns with the first piece, switch to another piece. (For example, start with bishop, then switch to queen)

      Description for Parents

      We had lots of fun playing the copycat game. The children took turns holding the opposite colored chess piece of the coach’s chess piece.