Time Required:

5 minutes

Tools Required:
  • Assortment of 4-5 giant pieces
      Chess Objective(s):

      Students will be able to:

      • Recognize different chess pieces
      General Objective(s):
      • Exercise
      • Improve pattern matching

      Have the students find a spot on the board (to keep them organized) while the instructor sets up the giant pieces in a square or other pattern out in the play area. Pieces should be spaced well apart. Choose a child to be the leader. The leader runs any path they want through 3 pieces, touching them as they pass. The rest of the children follow them one at a time. After a few minutes, select a different leader. Instructor should demonstrate first.


      If children are interested, the leader can run through a few pieces at a time, then the group can follow together, matching the pattern. 

      Description for Parents

      The giant pieces were set up around the play area. Each child took a turn being the leader. The leader touched the pieces in any order he or she wanted, leading a relay through the giant pieces. The children had a lot of fun remembering each new pattern.