Time Required:

5 minutes

Tools Required:
  • 8 giant pawns of the same color (if more than 8 children are playing, use additional pawns of the other color or take turns)
      Chess Objective(s):

      Students will be able to:

      General Objective(s):
      • Enhance gross motor skills
      • Improve ability to focus
      • Count from 1 to 8

      Explain that one of the moves a pawn can do is to move across the board one square at a time. It can only move forward, not backward. Set eight pawns up on the second row (their starting row). Ask the students to count the pawns.

      Ask the students if they know how to play red light green light. In this version of red light green light, you hop forward one square at a time during green light, but stop when coach says red light (show them while explaining).

      Have the students line up behind the pawns and hop them forward in the game. Repeat several times.

      Description for Parents

      In this version of “Red Light, Green Light,” the children learned that pawns can move forward one space at a time. We lined up on the giant chess board with the giant pawns and the children counted the number of pawns on the board. When they had a “green light,” the children hopped forward one space at a time while holding the giant pawn pieces.