Time Required:

10 minutes

Tools Required:
  • All white giant pawns
  • All black giant pawns
  • 2-4 Hula hoops
  • 2 Regular-sized boards

For Variation 2:

  • 3 giant pawns
  • 2 giant bishops
  • 1 giant rook
  • 1 giant knight
  • 1 giant king
  • 1 giant queen
  • hula hoop
      Chess Objective(s):

      Students will be able to:

      • Recognize pieces by shape
      General Objective(s):
      • Improve gross motor skills
      • Enhance coordination
      • Exercise

      Have the students wait on the board while the instructor sets up two courses side by side. Set the pawns of each color up in a row with 1-2 feet between them. Have the students line up in two lines and race by weaving in between them. Lay the boards on the ground as things to jump over and the hula hoops as things to jump in. Have them come back and get in line to do it again. 

      Variation 1:

      Make it a competition between two teams.

      Variation 2:

      Have the students wait while the instructor sets up the course – you can set it up however you want, but an example is two pawns as the “starting gate,” jump into hula hoop, then weave between bishops, rook, and knight, jump over queen on its side, touch the king at the finish. Have the students run the course one by one. The first time, you will probably have to guide them through it (especially the 3 year olds; older children get it as soon as they are shown the pattern). Repeat several times. Call out the piece names as the children race the course. When they finish, they tap the king and then run back to the start. Encourage all the children to cheer and clap when a student touches the king.

      Description for Parents

      The children raced through an obstacle course set up with the giant chess pieces. They weaved, jumped, and ran! The coach shouted out the piece names as each child ran through the course. When they reached the goal of tapping the king at the end of the course, all of the other children cheered.