Time Required:

5-10 minutes

Tools Required:
  • Nothing, or 2 giant queens, depending on variation
      Chess Objective(s):

      Students will be able to:

      • Recall the importance of the queen 
      General Objective(s):
      • Enhance gross motor skills
      • Improve coordination

      Explain/remind the children that the queen is a very powerful piece in chess because she can move in any one direction as many spaces as she wants per turn – she is a strong attacking piece (remind or ask them — she can move like a bishop AND a rook).

      Ask the children if they know how to play freeze tag. If not, explain that two children will be the queens (white & black). They must tag all the other children. If a child is tagged, he/she must “freeze.” An untagged friend can tag a frozen kid to “unfreeze” them. The goal is for the queens to freeze all the children. Every child should get a chance to be the queen. You can stop the game before everyone is frozen to change players if the game is running long or children are getting bored.

      Let the children know before starting that this is a TAG game. If there is any pushing/tackling, they must go sit on the big board and wait to rejoin the game until it’s time to switch who the queens are.

      Variation 1:

      Instead of players unfreezing each other, the white queen can freeze and the black queen can unfreeze.

      Variation 2:

      The queens can carry their pieces around with them, making it a bit harder to tag!

      Description for Parents

      The queen is a very powerful piece! In this game, one queen raced to tag and “freeze” the other children. The children took turns being the queen.