Time Required:

5 minutes

Tools Required:
  • Big chess board
  • Magnet board with queen magnets
  • 2 giant queens
      Chess Objective(s):

      Students will be able to:

      • Demonstrate how the queen moves
      General Objective(s):
      • Improve fine motor skills
      • Contrast straight lines to diagonal lines
      • Improve visualization skills

      Set up the magnet board with just 1 or 2 queens. Show how the queen can move in any direction, one way per turn. 

      Move the queen a few times correctly, telling the children this is how the queen can move. Then repeat, asking the children every time, “Can the queen move like this?” and get them to yell yes or no. Once or twice, move the queen incorrectly.

      Let each child have a chance to move the queen. You can put several queens on the board and let them move at the same time, if it helps the class stay focused.


      After teaching on the magnet board, repeat on the big board.

      Description for Parents

      The children learned that the Queen can move any direction, vertically, horizontally or diagonally, one way per turn.