Time Required:

5 minutes

Tools Required:
  • None
      Chess Objective(s):

      Students will be able to:

      • Demonstrate how each chess piece moves
      General Objective(s):
      • Improve focus
      • Enhance gross motor skills

      Before beginning, remind the children/run through how each piece moves, using the phrases below. Move your body as written in the brackets []. First, demonstrate each move to the students, letting them move with you or right after each move. You can make silly sounds to go with each movement. 

      Pawn = straight forward, usually one step [take one step forward]
      Bishop = diagonal [shuffle feet in a short diagonal line and pump arms like a train]
      Rook = forward, backward, or side to side [shuffle feet in a short straight line and pump arms like a train]
      King = one step any direction [take one step any direction]
      Queen = like bishop, rook, or king! [diagonal, forward, backward, or side to side] 
      Knight = hop-hop-change direction [hop forward twice then once left]

      Tell them that this is similar to The King Says, but this time, instead of running to pieces, we will move LIKE pieces. When the Queen says to move like a piece, you do it! If the queen doesn’t say, don’t move!

      Space them out so they won’t run into each other. Remind them in a fun way not to push, touch their friends, and to have fun. Now play the game! Call out movements, and when you get too far down your play area, run back to the beginning and start again. This game is similar to “Chess Piece How Do you Move,” but sillier!

      Example play:
      The Queen says, Move like a pawn!
      The Queen says, Moves like a knight!
      The Queen says, Quack like a duck!
      Move like a queen! (if anyone moves, say, Oops, the queen didn’t say to move!)
      The Queen says, Move like a queen!

      Description for Parents

      This version of “Simon Says” is all about piece movement and listening comprehension. We reviewed how the pieces move and as the Queen called out commands, we moved around like chess pieces.